Enhance Team Motivation and Drive Performance

Gamification for humans working in teams

Establish a constant recognition system that includes trivia, badges and competition to drive performance appraisals. Streamline your contact center operations with Motivarnos.


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Motivarnos allowed us to improve the performance results of the group of participants (AHT, ACW, etc.), improve the spirit of the team, the integration and also in some cases, the aspect of self-improvement. Entertainment, productivity, motivation, interest, heterogeneity, were part of an equation that resulted in a very satisfactory and innovative experience. LA CAJA DE AHORRO Y SEGUROS, MARCELO GRECO, CUSTOMER SERVICES MANAGER

Team motivation

  • Badges: Recognize the talent and progress of each individual with creative badges
  • Training Updates: Promote instant speech updates and agent training without taking them offline
  • Rewards Management: Encourage your team to improve ROI, achieve maximum points and get rewarded for their effort

Performance management

  • Betting: Make achieving goals a fun exercise by allowing agents to challenge each other
  • Tournaments and Contests: Host tournaments and transparent contests to motivate your team and help them progress
  • Leaderboards: Let your team share their achievements and results with Motivarnos's gamified leaderboard


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